About us


We are Kurumatrader the official car exporter and importer with access to all auction houses and groups throughout Japan (USS, TAA, CAA). The head office of the company is located in Shibuyaku-Tokyo, Japan. We have branches in Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Germany).

Our company have more than 10 years’ experience at sourcing quality vehicles. We have surrounded ourselves with reputable partners to ensure the car export process is as smooth as possible.

We attend the auction in person, check that the car is as described in the earlier auction house report, and send you high-quality photos.


in building private collections, investment garages or selling your car. It’s hard to count the number of cars that we have imported from the beginning of our activity, but thanks to this, we provide advice and experience in finding and buying the best car for you.

We have our own service with access to all auction houses in Japan, where you can see the currently available vehicles.

We can check, bid and bring them for you.

We are a company with family foundations, noble goals, honest and customer care.

In addition to their great passion for car classics, they share a common vision of transferring our services and companies to all continents.



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