Auction guide

Why is it better to buy used cars from Japanese auctions?

In general, used cars in Japan have much lower mileage compared to cars abroad. Many car owners in Japan only use their cars on the weekend as Japan has a famously reliable and punctual public transport system. That together with overcrowded roads and parking at a premium means that people rarely drive to work in major city centres.

There is also a very strict and expensive car inspection test every two years. People do not really sell used cars privately instead cars are usually traded in for newer models.

This is why it is possible to find so many used cars in Japan which are in great condition with low mileage.

Auction cars Vs Dealer cars
The price listed on dealer cars is actually a local sale price which may even increase if the car is for export. This is because the dealership cannot make any more money. A local sale would include extras such as insurance, warranty and Shakken (road test papers).
Dealers are good if you are looking for premium or rare cars as they often have service history and original books for the vehicles.

Auction cars Vs Stock cars
The majority of used cars listed on exporters websites are purchased from an auction. Extra costs are added to the initial price such as a sales margin, transportation costs and storage fees.

Please also remember that all vehicles at auction have an independent inspection which includes overall condition, interior condition, odometer check, paint check and any oil/water leaks.

Auction Benefit
There are also much more options as thousands of used cars are listed at auction every week.
The benefit is not only the auction sheet translation of bad and good points but also us double checking the vehicle for anything that may have been missed. We can also take photos before you bid so that you can adjust the price accordingly.

Account holders receive full auction sheet translations, market price analysis and sales statistics.