Kuruma Trader

Telephone: +48 666 222 770 , +48 510 817 707
Japan, Tokyo & Nagoya
Poland, Warsaw
Czech Republic, Třinec

How to Buy

Point-1- Become a Registered Member

Register to become a member of KurumaTrader.com and get access to the entire stock available at Japan auction houses.

Point-2- Security Deposit

Deposit an initial security amount which is usually USD 1,250 or JPY 150,000 to bid for a vehicle worth less than 1 million. We need to hold this amount before we bid on any of the cars. If the bid does not get successful, security deposit is fully refundable or adjustable in the customer’s account based on customer’s request. See the security Deposit Schedule.
Please ask about shipping cost to Yours country before making bid.
Kuruma Trader will send You e-mail with total cost includes: our fee, inland transport, sea transport, packing, prepare export documents, inspections and auction house fee.

Point-2.1- Subscription

Register member is obligated to pay subscription.
The cost of a subscription is $ 15 per month or 150$ for one year.

Point-3- Bidding Cars on Auction

– You can place the bid directly by yourself from our KURUMA TRADER auction websites.
– We will only charge the actual auction price at which the bid is won. So try to bid as higher as you can in order to increase the chances of winning the bid.

Step-4- Auction Result

We will notify you with the result of your bid. Once you win the bid, we will send you the Performa Invoice that includes total price of car(s) FOB or C&F. The price will be calculated from the original buying price of auction.

Step-5- Final Payment

The final payment will be required in 3 working days. Payments made on the committed time will help us to save your order from cancellation.

In case of order cancellation 15% of the total selling value will be deducted from your deposit.

Step-6- Shipment

The shipment will be arranged as soon as the payment is confirmed in our Bank.

Step -7- Documents

As the ship leaves from Japan, we will send all the documents by DHL or FedEx. The documents included are;

  • Export Certificate
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Final Invoice
  • Marine Insurance (if required)
  • JAAI / JAVIC Inspection and other inspections, (if required)