How to buy

Auction Process Starts With Register Now or Sign in free of cost at our website to Access Live Japan Auto Auctions. We are providers of auction access to all major Used Car Auction houses in Japan and can get you the best deals.

First, provide your contact details and information on the vehicle(s) that you desire to purchase by using our request form. We will then provide market price analysis, statistics and shipping costs. You can utilize our free auction search engine to search for available vehicles. You can also use our auction mailer which will email vehicles directly to you based on your search criteria.

We will also search on your behalf and email available vehicles.

WE and YOU must be secured!
Make a security deposit in our bank account as per our Auction terms to start bidding in the live auctions for your required vehicle(s). You can also make payment via PayPal. We will activate your bidding account on receipt of the security deposit.

Place a deposit in order to be eligible to bid. The required deposit is 300 000 JPY or 2000 EUR for vehicles 1 000 000 JPY or less. All vehicles expected to be over that amount require a minimum deposit of 20%.

The Contractor declares that he will undertake to bid and bring the vehicle for the Principal. If, in the auction, the price of the vehicle exceeds the indicated total cost of purchasing the vehicle, the contract expires and the Contractor undertakes to return immediately the entire amount paid to the bank account by the Principal to the Principal’s bank account within 7 working days, unless the parties to the contract agree another auction.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers. Your money is safe.

Once a deposit is placed we will search Japanese car auctions daily on your behalf for vehicles that meet your requirements and email them to you as they become available. If you see one that you like we would be happy to call you and preliminary discuss the vehicle with you. If it still sounds like the one you want we will then move forward with getting an inspection done or in a perfect scenario we will call you from the vehicle. We will provide you with detailed information and photographs so that you can make the best buying decision possible.

We bid up to your upper limit, agreed early. After the auction you get a confirmation from the auction – a screenshot of the result, which we always confirm our honesty and transparency of the company. After purchasing the vehicle at your request, it is required to pay for the vehicle within two working days. Of course, we are flexible and we will treat each person individually.
We will announce the result for you as soon as the Auction is over. If the bid is lost then we can either refund your money or use it as a deposit for bidding on another vehicle. Your deposit can also be used to be adjusted in the balance if the bid is won.
A detailed description of the payment can be found in the contract, link below:

Once the payment is verified, your vehicle will be booked for shipping to your preferred destination.
The vehicle will also be photographed in the storage yard before shipping.
If the vehicle requires an inspection this will also be performed at this stage.

Once we receive your payment we will arrange the next earliest ship to transport your vehicle. All necessary documentation for custom clearance at your destination port will be sent to you via courier. We advise you to hire an agent for a hassle-free clearance process or you can let us know to do the custom-clearance for you.

Once the vehicle has been shipped, we will send you all of the necessary documents required for customs clearance via DHL.

  • Export Certificate
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Invoice
  • Marine Insurance (if requested)
  • Inspection Certificate – Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI) or Japan Vehicle Inspection Association (JEVIC) if required.

Receive Vehicle

Receive your vehicle at your destination port and after fulfilling the formalities for custom clearance, drive your dream vehicle home.

Kindly send us your photo with the vehicle, your valued feedback, and if you are happy with our product & service, please refer us to your family and friends.
Ship tracking app:
You can often track your car at sea yourself with the appropriate application. The cars we send are completely safe.