Car inspection

We do personal inspections at USS Yokohama, USS Tokyo, USS Nagoya.
Occasionally we inspect at other auction houses by special request, for example, if you have a strong bid on a car that you really want, and we discuss it in advance, we may be able to check cars at HAA Kobe, USS Osaka, MIRVE Osaka. Our team consists of experienced inspectors with several years of technical / mechanical experience. That is why we provide services at the highest level in several cities in Japan

Our busiest inspection days are Thursday at USS Tokyo and Friday at USS Nagoya. We are up and moving before the crack of dawn on these days are we request that you have bids placed very early – before 7 am. We cannot guarantee to fulfil an inspection request after this time, however, we always do our best to try if we can fit it in.

The benefits that come with Japanese used cars are not only money saving, but the best choice that one could get while buying a used car. Importing a used vehicle is not a difficult task, buyers just has to be more cautious to judge the legitimacy of exporters to avoid any problems. It is not that all Japanese used vehicle exporters are fraud. Some of the exporters are in the business from almost 30 years and are known for their trust and services. But there are some exporters who cheat buyers and tarnish the image of trustworthy Japanese exporters in order to make more money. So, it’s good to get the vehicle inspected before its importation as it is better to be completely assured regarding the vehicle’s condition one is buying.
Aside from that, vehicles from Japan are generally verified to be in good condition by certified professionals from the government. Before they can be cleared for shipment, cars have to pass the inspections conducted by the Japanese Vehicles Inspection Center. This organization ensures that the vehicles are certified fit for export and for international use.

A complete vehicle inspection should include the following:

  • Mechanical and environmental inspection
  • Visual/body inspection
  • Document verification
  • Electrical system check
  • Safety inspection
  • Stolen vehicle check
  • Radiation check


One professional inspection
149 €


Unlimited inspections in packet.
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